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Excellence in Harvesting
JF Forest Services
Excellence in Timber Extraction
JF Forest Services
Professional Forest Management and Timber Sales

JF Forest Services provides a professional harvesting service for forest owners, from first thinning to sites ready to clearfell

Our harvester and forwarder operators are experienced and diligent in their work, with an in-depth knowledge of harves

Timber Haulage

JF Forest Services owns a fleet of artic trucks and trailers with cranes, as well as rigid trucks with cranes and drag trailers.

The different truck and trailer types provide flexibility of logistics to ensure we can service every type of forest s

Timber Sales

JF Forest Services can offer a complete package to forest owners – Harvesting, Extraction, Haulage, Marketing & Sale of your timber.

JF Forest Services can purchase your standing timber or bring your timber to market and sell to end-users on

Woodchip / Biomass

Woodchip is a clean, renewable, CO2 neutral, indigenous Irish fuel. This fuel can displace imported fossil fuels currently in use in Ireland.

Our woodchip is sourced from local forests.

JF Forest Services provide a cost effective wood chipping

Firewood – Kiln Dried

JF Forest Services produce high quality kiln-dried firewood.

Our firewood is only sourced from local Irish forests.

It is cut and split to lengths suitable to fit in all stoves sizes. It is then kiln dried to reduce its moisture content and inc

Forest Management

JF Forest Services can provide a range of forest management services to assist a forest owner to establish a forest, prepare, develop and be ready for first and second thinnings as well as clearfell.


  • Forest Establishment &
jf forest services

JF Forest Services is a family run forestry business, working in the forestry industry for over 20 years, starting out by establishing our own private forestry.
JF Forest Services provides professional timber harvesting, timber haulage, timber sales and wood chipping service and sales to forest owners, forestry consultants and sawmilling customers.
JF Forest Services supplies forestry products, including commercial timber – pallet, stake and saw log.
Wood chip produced to order i.e. for your specified end use quality.
As well as kiln dried firewood and kindling.



JF Forest Services is a professional forestry cont